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Quality Assurance

You can always depend on us

Proven time and again

BitBox is renowned for helping customers bring countless successful products to market. We’ve achieved consistent success over two decades by insisting on the highest levels of engineering and customer care at every stage. No compromises. Only quality. When you work with us, you benefit from:

bitbox We do it all the time

25+ years’ experience

We combine decades of expertise in electronics hardware and software development, from prototyping to high volume production.

Certified to the highest standards

We are certified to ISO 9000:2015. Our J-Standard trainer maintains the highest soldering quality. All our products are RoHS-compliant.

bitbox Certified to the highest standards

Unrivalled Linux expertise

We produce stable, reliable and powerful operating systems based on the open source Linux platform.

Low-power, high processing products

We use ARM processors to design products with highly efficient, reliable performance in often extreme environments.

bitbox Low-power, high processing products

Want a specialist partner to design and manufacture your new electronics device?

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Your electronics partner

Got a great idea you want to develop? An existing design that needs adjusting? Or a prototype you want to fine tune? We can bring your idea to life.

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Manufactured in the UK

BitBox is one of the few electronics and software design companies that has its own in-house manufacturing facility under the same roof here in the UK.