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Electronics & Software Design

Electronics Design

BitBox is one of the few electronics and software design companies that has its own in-house manufacturing facility under the same roof, right here in the UK. This empowers our design team to know exactly what’s required to make a production-ready concept, which eliminates risk and maximises value for money – while simultaneously incorporating software development, too.

We turn good ideas into great products

When you bring your electronic product idea to BitBox, you’ll get far more than a quote and timescale.
Our in-house design team combines exceptional engineering expertise and technical excellence with the knowledge, skills and imagination required to turn good ideas into great electronic products. This is underpinned by a deep understanding of your product’s specification and final application, so we can present the best possible concept – no matter how many units you require.
bitbox Product design and development

Our Electronics Manufacturing Services

BitBox is a leading UK Electronics Manufacturing Service provider. With both our HQ and manufacturing facilities based in the UK, we offer end to end contract electronics manufacturing including electronic product design, PCB assembly, box build, supply chain management and consultancy services.

Unrivalled Software, Synchronised Hardware

Software Design

From lift user interfaces to data centre energy management, our software engineers excel in both design and implementation - blending perfectly with our electronic component design and manufacturing capabilities. Being technology agnostic, we ensure the most appropriate software solution is tailored to your product, resonating seamlessly with the PCB assembly and Box Build services we provide.


Code for Every Application, Optimised for Every Component

Leverage our extensive software development experience spanning:

  • Fully embedded solutions harmonised with processors from tiny AVRs and PICs to large multi-core devices, including ARM Cortex-M and Cortex-A devices.
  • Application development for Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Linux kernel, driver development and deployment alongside superior hardware integration.
  • Web-based user interfaces and portals.
  • IoT solutions and cloud backends, further enriched with our PCB assembly expertise.
  • Database design and implementation.
  • A wide array of programming languages, ranging from static (assembler, C, C++, C#) to dynamic, such as Python and JavaScript.

Accelerated Project Development with Combined Expertise

At BitBox, we draw from a pool of accumulated code and infrastructure to accelerate project development. Our synergy between software design and electronic component manufacture lends itself to:

  • Fast market entry, by to streamlining the development process.
  • One-stop solutions, rendering a competitive edge.
  • Optimised performance and extensive customisation to meet specific needs.
  • Seamless quality control across both hardware and software.
  • Collaboration for innovative solutions
    ... and much more.

Cut Costs with Integrated Solutions That Innovate

When you work with BitBox, you’ll stay on plan - and on budget. Our extensive software code libraries and vast experience will accelerate development, all while saving you time and money. Our integrated approach minimises design costs for low-volume products and ensures a very favourable cost-per-part for higher volumes. Together, we’re sure to find the most appropriate and cost-effective solution, tailored to your requirements.

What we include under BitBox Design 

BitBox Design Process areas