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Contract Electronics Manufacturing Services

BitBox are a world-class Contract Electronics Manufacturer, based in the UK.

If you’re looking for the communication and support level of a local partner with all the capability of a global supplier, you came to the right place. From design and specification to manufacture and compliance, BitBox has all the expertise you need, under one roof – straight from our leading-edge facilities in Hampshire.

bitbox Low-power, high processing products

Quality isn’t optional. It’s obligatory.

We believe that working with a third party for electronic manufacturing services should always result in a first class service. This is exactly what we deliver for our customers - time and time again.

So, if you’re suffering from poor quality in your electronics component supply chain, don’t wait to break the cycle. It’s easy to switch to BitBox, so let’s discuss your project requirements today.

A proven, safe and value-led manufacturing process to get your product to market, fast.

At BitBox, we have specialised knowledge and experience in electronic manufacturing processes. Our Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly expertise includes sensors, power management systems, gateways, PLCs, microcontrollers, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, lighting management systems and more.

The success of our projects is underpinned by:

Our approach

Our Approach

We combine creative problem solving with rigorous engineering expertise - applying financial discipline, speed and meticulous attention to detail throughout.

Quality assurance icon

Quality Assurance

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. There's only two thousand IPC trainers in the world - and we're lucky enough to employ one in-house.
Our process icon

Our Process

Our tried and tested processes and approach to continuous improvement result in consistency at every turn for our customers, ensuring peace of mind by formally documenting every process and procedure in our ISO 9000 quality management system.

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Aftercare is an integral part of our service - as is open, honest and friendly communication. Our dedicated customer care team ensure all your aftercare needs are met.

bitbox Our Electronic Manufacturing Services

Managing your supply chain at scale.

Assuming responsibility for production quality and reliability is a huge part of our contract electronics manufacturing service – but it doesn’t end there. We have the capability to quickly ramp up or down production to meet changing market demand, as well as providing additional manufacturing capacity, should your in-house production reach its limit.

1. Supply Chain

Component Procurement

2. Supply Chain

Engineering Input to solve Component Obsolescence
3. Planning
Job pack build
4. Planning
Automation Set Up
6. Manufacture
Surface Mount Assembly

7. System Test

Automated Optical Inspection
Through Hole Assembly
9. System Test
Final Inspection
Box Build

11. System Test

Product Test

Box Build

Products your customers will use with pride.

To give you peace of mind and absolute confidence in every electronic product your customers receive, we offer a Box Build service that can include a final product test. Many products that the BitBox electronics design and manufacturing team deliver are a part of a bigger system and not just a PCB. As a result, we have become the partner to many customers that rely on our team for the complete manufacture of distribution-ready products.

System Test

Performance and reliability without fail.

As a part of our commitment to quality, we are able to take your product, whether a full box build or an assembled PCB, and test it. For some products this might be using a ‘Bed of Nails’ approach, for other products, this could be a full test jig to replicate final use.

However it is done, our desire is to deliver electronic products that exceed your expectations.

Supply Chain

Experience and expertise at every stage.

BitBox is an experienced Electronic Manufacturing Supply Chain partner that delivers high-quality, cost-effective electronics products. We cover the entire product lifecycle, from design to sales distribution, and value partnerships that benefit both parties. Our team of electronics and software engineers, manufacturers, assemblers, and inspectors is committed to delivering quality. We use modern MRP systems to ensure reliable, on-time delivery of products that meet customer demands.

Manufacturing Plant

Cutting-edge technology and talent.

One of the primary differences between PCB manufacturers is their production line. However, it is not just about having the most recent model, but about how it is used. BitBox invests in both its equipment and its staff to ensure that only the right skills and technologies are used to suit the demands of each job.

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Explore our electronic manufacturing capabilities.

The latest technology means nothing without the right people. We invest in both. That’s how we optimise our production line to meet the demands of every job. Our current plant includes:

BitBox-Speedprint SP710avi

Speedprint SP710avi

Max board size 600mm x 510mmAutomatic optical alignment to 20um @ 6 Sigma 2cpkAutomatic speed and pressure control for squeegee operation2D+ solder paste inspectionAutomatic under-stencil cleaner

bitbox 8 Zone Reflow Oven

8 Zone Reflow Oven

Manufacturing Plant: 8 Zone Reflow Oven8 heating zones top and bottom 2 cooling zonesHeated length 2.2mConveyor speed 0.3 – 1.6m/minChain conveyor with anti warp supportTemperature accuracy ±1ºC

BitBox-Umo-390 PCB Stacker

Umo-390 PCB Stacker

Manufacturing Plant: Umo 390 PCB StackerPCB unloader mechanism3 off R-808 racks (535 x 460 x 570 mm)Max PCB size 535 x (50-390mm)


Optical Inspection System

Manufacturing Plant: Optical Inspection System4M pixel colour CCD camera providing 10.6µM resolution suitable for 01005 components Telecentric Lens to ensure no distortion of image. Laser Co-planarity capability for BGA and IC lead inspection (automatic lead height profile) now providing the highest level of performance from a bench top AOI system; as standard Standard inspection area 470mm x 450mm3 tier coloured LED lighting for accurate solder inspection Database connectivity for statistical reporting Off-line software included for programming and rework facility

bitbox Europlacer iineo 2

Europlacer iineo 2

Manufacturing Plant: Europlacer Iineo 22 rotary heads on dual linear X/Y gantries with 8 and 12 pick ups & a 40 position ‘smart’ nozzle bank per headPlacement rate 26,300 components per hourComponent placement from 01005 to 50x50mmComponent lead pitch 0.3mm (QFP), 0.4mm (µBGA)Component lead size 0.15mm (QFP), 0.2mm (µBGA)Accuracy, standard 35µm (QFP) to 50µm (Chip) up to 264 8mm feeders plus 3 Jedec traysMax PCB size 700 x 460mm

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Manufactured in the UK

BitBox is one of the few electronics and software design companies that has its own in-house manufacturing facility under the same roof here in the UK.