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Supporting M Squared: A business with innovation at it’s core

Chris Chaney Apr 25, 2023 10:42:00 AM
Supporting M Squared, a business with innovation at it’s core

M Squared Lasers [] develops technology that captures 4D anatomical information of a subject’s shape and natural physical movements using light. This data is used within applications that require textured, 3D-dense surface-precision imaging: robotics, healthcare, life sciences, computer vision and AR/VR/XR, among others.

Specifically, M Squared Lasers’ production of the “world’s purest light” opens up a range of imaging applications. Earth observation satellites are a key use case, whereby lasers measure atmospheric conditions relating to pollution and CO2 damage to help understand the impact on societal problems such as global warming. Furthermore, the precision light developed by M Squared Lasers is so pure it is used within photonics – and most notably quantum computing. The next step on from analogue and digital, quantum will bring to the fore a new range of ultra-precise applications that will disrupt technology as we know it.

M Squared Lasers and BitBox.

M Squared Lasers is growing fast. To fulfil its expected growth plans, three years ago the company chose BitBox as its manufacturing partner to provide the capabilities it required to scale. At the same time, it needed a reliable partner that would fulfil the demanding compliance requirements of M Squared Lasers’ supply chain.

BitBox provides M Squared Lasers with a full suite of services that delivers demanding end-user applications that are reliable and well referenced, working to best practice and accreditation requirements. M Squared Lasers needs to be confident that the quality and reliability flow through all aspects of the supply chain and that BitBox is able to deliver these requirements.

The services we provide.

With its facilities managed on one site, BitBox handles the entire manufacturing and procurement process end-to-end. As the relationship with M Squared Lasers has grown, the company has broadened its scope with BitBox to encompass a growing range of new applications. All projects begin with a pilot series to ensure capabilities match compliance requirements, driven by timescales that ultimately dovetail into larger more established projects and programs. It is vital that BitBox can deliver fast, highly accurate and reliable applications at every stage.

The nature of M Squared Lasers’ business means that every part of the supply chain must deliver at the highest quality, to ensure that the next stage passes quality assurance checks, and the final deliverables are of the highest standards. The depth of expertise and experience provided by the BitBox team means that it understands core architecture and can mobilise fast to deliver the high-quality deliverables that M Squared Lasers expects. In turn, this can be passed down the supply chain with confidence. Indeed, through the work BitBox delivers for M Squared Lasers, it has been proven that the team has the right organisational capabilities and certifications to qualify being in M Squared Lasers’ strict and select supply chain.

Combining our quality procedures with our agile project management processes, and the use of mitigation activities to limit issues that could arise has enabled BitBox to play a fundamental role in M Squared Lasers’ growth. The BitBox team is personally and individually committed to the business and works diligently to ensure that at every stage of the process, speed of delivery coupled with quality assurances are correct and on-time.

Working with the engineering teams at M Squared Lasers is key to the partnership’s success. This has led the teams to deliver a range of applications over the last three years, whether that be ultra-high-resolution screens for use within consumer electronics, or the development of precise lasers to measure CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, which in turn is being used to inform global climate change policy.

Graeme Malcolm, CEO, M Squared Lasers:

“BitBox provides us with the full suite of engineering capabilities, along with a full understanding of what we want to achieve and what we expect to deliver to our clients, many of whom are household names, or leading players in societal change. Many of the technologies that we develop with BitBox are being used in the most complex of ways, many of which are hugely impacting how we inform climate measures or disrupt technologies with quantum physics. We need a partner that can deliver to these high standards – and BitBox is that partner.

We have faced many headwinds over the last few years, yet in a short space of time, our relationship with BitBox has strengthened and deepened, resulting in profit and growth opportunities and more partnerships formed which sets us up for a strong future. It’s a marker of a strong relationship that we continue to work with BitBox through some of the most disruptive economic times and BitBox has proved at every stage to exceed our high expectations.”

Chris Chaney, Sales Manager, BitBox:

“We’ve been partnered with M-Squared for over 3 years and have developed a deep understanding of the company’s highly complex products. From the get-go, the M Squared Lasers team had several engineers on site with us for support which really helped to accelerate our understanding of the build and test procedure. Their communication and support are also faultless which allows us to fully actualize their product vision, by providing feedback at every opportunity, all the while holding us to our robust build quality standards.
M-Squared is very competent from a technical point of view, which makes our working relationship both straightforward and uncomplicated. Their build packs are an absolute pleasure to work with, as are the team themselves.
Even though their products are some of the most complex we manufacture, our team consistently embraces the requirements, and we are proud that we return quality builds time after time. Given M Squared Lasers’ innovative nature, we occasionally find ourselves with conversion projects which provide a fresh challenge for our build and test teams which is always welcome.
We look forward to continuing our working relationship with M Squared for many years to come and immensely value the partnership that’s been established.”

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