Electronics Manufacturing Services

If you need a trusted contract electronic manufacturing (CEM) services partner to manufacture your Printed Circuit Boards, take a look at what BitBox can do. 

Electronics Manufacturing Shopfloor at BitBox

Proven Industrial and Consumer Experience 

BitBox is a well established manufacturer of PCBs and electronics devices with Surface Mount Technology and manual assembly expertise. We enjoy relationships with many industry areas and have worked hard to become the go to Contract Electronics Manufacturer to a wide range of organisations. Among these, we:

  • have produced LED-based Printed Circuit Boards at our facility in Basingstoke that are literally illuminating the communal areas for thousands of residents that have the reassurance of a comprehensive BitBox-developed elighting control system complete with emergency power back up.
  • excel in manufacturing for extreme environments. Our solutions can be found around the world and in it! Our PCBs feature in down hole solutions, both in the cutting technology and in the support systems that keep them active. These solutions really test the reliability of our production line and, time and time again, demonstrate that BitBox's expertise stands up against the most rigorous of conditions.
  • are relied upon by other electronics manufacturers. Truly testament to our professionalism, quality and expertise, the BitBox production line closely supports other electronics manufacturers and is used on small and high volume runs that demand quality surface mount and often complex through hole assembly.

We achieve a high level of quality through relying on experienced staff that are qualified to inspect to IPC-A-610, IPC/WHMA-A-620 and to solder to IPC-J-STD-001. To make sure that your 10th batch of Printed Circuit Boards is as good as your first, BitBox has been certified to work to ISO-9001:2015 by BSI and has held a valid certificate since 2012. 



We seek to develop long term partnerships with customers; they get a great service and we continue to grow our world class reputation.


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If you want to explore using BitBox as your Contract Electronics Manufacturing partner, please call us on +44 (0)1256 799080 or submit your enquiry below.