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A Days Work Experience at BitBox

Chris Chaney Apr 26, 2023 11:09:04 AM
A Days Work Experience at BitBox

Last week at BitBox, we welcomed Jack Armstrong to come and experience what its like in an office environment at a growing company. During his time here at BitBox, Jack had a tour of the building, to get to know the process by which our PCBs are designed and produced. He then got involved in the review of a proposal document, where he observed our discussion and then provided some valuable insights using skills he learnt from his media GCSE at Perins School.


Above: The team working on the website. From left to right: Jack Armstrong (Work Experience), Maddie Watson (Summer Intern), Chris Chaney (Sales Manager), Ollie Whatley (Marketing Coordinator)

Jack then took part in a marketing meeting where we were talking about website changes and what we can do to improve our website content, where he again provided his useful opinions on changes that could be made (pictured below). At BitBox we appreciate a willingness to get involved and like to nurture those with an interest in the business, so it was great to have Jack come with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Overall, Jack’s day at BitBox allowed him to gain a vision of what we do here at BitBox and some of the different roles we have and gave an overview of a working day in a business.


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