Design Services for 
Electronics & Software

BitBox designs electronic products for many markets.  We design exactly the PCB and I/O you need, build you prototypes, write the code to make the product work.  Our embedded team can add microcontrollers right up to high-end processors running Linux. To smooth your path to market, we can do pre-compliance tests here too - so you can gain electrical safety and EMC approvals.
Design Services

Electronics Manufacture

Quality surface mount from our in-house cutting edge manufacturing technology.  Assured build integrity with Automatic Optical Inspection - see video of our AOI Robot in action.  Tight control of component procurement and product tracking through the factory thanks to our MRP system.  We can also assemble finished boxed product - with firmware loaded - so you're ready to ship direct to your customers.

Test Services

BitBox has a very strong technical background.  In addition to designing the majority of boards we manufacture, we offer early analysis of potential issues with your products.  We have the facility to environmentally test and measure performance. Our on-site EMC Chamber offers pre-compliance checks to speed your prototype and get you to market.
Test services