Two summer students at BitBox!


Employing two outstanding students from Queen Mary's College over the summer break has given us the opportunity to benefit from their ideas and widen the...

Two summer students at BitBox!


Andrew Cottrell, 19, is a first year student at the University of Surrey, studying Electronic Engineering. He met Managing Director Quentin Lister during the Southampton University Student Robotics competition.

Andrew is delighted to have a summer job with BitBox where he can see the entire production cycle from design to manufacture, and watch finished products go out through the door to customers. He believes his experience of every stage of production will help him to design awesome electronic products which are relatively easy to produce.

Andrew wants to be a Design Engineer and has an ambition to "design something cool".

Tom Oldbury, 18, left QMC this year and is off to Leeds University to study - guess what? - Electronic Engineering! Tom has designed products of his own and initially contacted BitBox to discuss manufacture of them. Like Andrew, Tom met Quentin through the robotics competition and benefited from the MD's advice and knowledge.

Tom finds BitBox interesting and is very impressed with the company. He is comfortable there and feels he can express his unusual design ideas. Design is more interesting than production to Tom, but he's happy to be involved in all aspects of the company. He wants to be an electronics engineers in the high-end market such as test equipment and aerospace applications. With his hobby in model aircraft flying via video camera (FPV), Tom is poised to change the face of UK electronic design and engineering.

BitBox Managing Director Quentin Lister is delighted with the mutual benefits he sees from working with the students, he commented "They bring us new insights into upcoming markets and we can show them the true nitty gritty of an unusual UK company which works from the conceptual design of a new electronic product right through to its manufacture and dispatch".

It's a win-win for everyone.