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Electronics & Software Design & Manufacture
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Turnkey Assembly

Our design team is a critical part of our turnkey assembly process; a PCB layout engineer compares a manufactured board to his designs



Our turnkey assembly process provides you with total peace of mind. We take your idea and partner with you to achieve a distribution-ready electronics product.

We follow our proven 5-stage development process to ensure that every product has quality and reliability built in. Our passionate and professional team brings decades of expertise in electronics and an ever-deepening understanding of the latest technologies available to ensure that your product exceeds the demands of its users.

This image names the 5 stages of the turnkey assembly approach
Check out our turnkey assembly design to manufacture approach



Our Electronics Design and Manufacture Service

Watch as our Managing Director, Quentin Lister, guides you through our turnkey electronics design and PCB assembly process.



Case Studies

With over 25 years of turnkey assembly expertise, our portfolio is, we think, world-class. From industrial controllers monitoring the vibration levels of renewable energy generators to power monitoring devices used to protect the data of some of the leading global brands, BitBox has developed a reputation for quality and reliability.

BitBox's Box Build Services, complete electronics assembly
BitBox has worked with Creative Retail Entertainment to deliver solid state audio for retail and licensed outlets
BitBox developed the firmware for Glazing Vision’s core electronic controllers



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If you need a quality turnkey assembly solution provider, talk with our team. We want to hear about your concept and explore how our electronics design experts can help. Use this form, or call us on 01256 799080.