Thermal Electronics Tests - Environmental Testing


Electronics thermal-testing ovens - BitBox tests your design for a range of environments...

Thermal Electronics Tests - Environmental Testing


BitBox can offer a wide range of specialised electronics testing, providing dedicated line and test programme managers.

We can also set up custom test-lines to ensure our electronics designs meet exacting standards required by demanding industrial environments.

Many of our products assembled here must continue to operate in a lifetime of high stress working conditions found in mining and minerals industries, for example.

Advanced Testing Electronic Designs Volume UK Production BitBox Ltd Our standard thermal test ovens cover most electronics test requirements and automatic cycling under high temperatures:

Ambient up to +250 Centigrade

W - 49cm

L - 54cm

H - 75cm

Electronic test equipment - active testing under heat.


The various test areas in our factory are supported by a wide range of electronic equipment you'd expect to have to hand in a modern test lab. We supplement this with customised jigs and automated test software, to ensure the most efficient throughout.

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