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BitBox as an asset to your electronics supply chain

Smoothing your business is top priority for us: talk to us about your requirements for an effective supply chain - our Product Design-for-Production approach meets the unique challenges you face with complex electronics and embedded controllers.

Embedded electronics can offer confusing choices ...BitBox embeds to outlast a market-lifetime

Don't be confused by the complex choices of embedded platforms available today. The truth is, they all have their purposes. Unfortunately, it is easy to confuse a development board - apparently low-priced (until it's suddenly old-hat) - with a trusted platform you will depend on throughout the life of your product.

A platform suitable for a embedding within a saleable product will match the life-expectancy, maintainability, build-cost projections and development path you and your clients will expect from this new electronic product. It comes with solid supply-chain backing. At BitBox the entire team, from concept design through electronics circuit design right up to manufacture and final assembly into enclosure and packaging, is making the right judgements to keep your platform supporting your product... The choice is yours: can you still source parts, update and re-build firmware? Avoid risky parts and modules, expensive coding re-writes, re-approvals and calibrations?

With BitBox expert embedded product design... you can offer reliable, sustainable, profitable products to your clients in years to come!

Use a flexible Electronics partner with up-to-date MRP systems

At BitBox, we can configure and schedule our automated PCB assembly components sourcing and surface mount assembly line systems to match your demand patterns and delight your end customers. Every day our team re-congifures smoothly to serve your product needs - our production lines, electronics parts sourcing and component stores programmes are set up that way, so we're always ready to adapt. Our Box Build service is just one example.

Supply chain services consulting cost saving

We understand the trade-offs that make supply chain management difficult. Different projects are programmed in very different ways for speedy delivery. Our team includes staff with years of vendor management experience, dedicated to combining our streams of services to drive product delivery on time and within budget.  If you need it, we even have proven capability in configuring a line dedicated to your assembly and testing:  in tune with the demands of your evolving product range.

Perhaps you are tackling pain points like these right now?  If you are considering sending us an RFQ we can quote promptly...  and we can quote even more competitively by adding the right build/kitting/stock-call-offs that are just right for your range of products:  To tell us what you need, just call us first and ask to speak with our Customer Relations Manager about our BitBox adaptable supply chain - just tell us whether you've 2 products or 50; want to hold 5 stock units or 5000.

By talking with our experienced team we can understand your business needs better and often we can offer a range of configurations - our Production Engineering services are here to meet your business needs... Join our customers with proven solutions that save our clients time and money.