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An Arduino board is used to test the concept and off the shelf components


Realising your idea, creating Proof of Concept electronic devices

Prototyping by Starter

Starter is BitBox’s Prototyping team. Specialist prototyping engineers work to understand your idea and bring together the hardware and software required to provide proof of concept for use to generate interest or investment. Because of the BitBox methodology, work undertaken is supported by formal documentation ensuring progress from prototype to manufacture can be made swiftly and smoothly.

It’s about you

Our prototyping service is about you and your idea. We believe that by partnering with you to properly understand your vision and passion, we will be able to deliver what you want and apply our expertise to give you what you need as well. Our hope is that our partnership lasts beyond the prototyping stage and extends throughout the product’s lifetime.

Idea Consultancy

Our prototyping engineers bring their accumulated expertise in Internet of Things devices and electronics product development to help shape your concept in to a product that exceeds your expectations.

A paid for process, our Hardware and Software Design Engineers merge their decades of experience and knowledge of the latest technologies with your concept. The result is that you begin to have a clear vision of where your electronics product will go.

Contact our team to discuss if this stage is relevant for you.

BitBox's Hardware Design Manager consults with a client on their prototype concept

Electronics Development

Using a mix of ingenuity, off the shelf components and a close collaboration with our customers, the Starter team applies its electronics development expertise to craft requirements in to a functioning prototype. Additionally, they will define and undertake software development to support the product’s use.

An Arduino board is used to test the concept and off the shelf components

Proof of Concept

The output is a proof of concept device; a product that demonstrates that your idea can not just function but excel. Because Starter is co-located with BitBox, processes are shared to ensure that the production process is properly documented and the finished proof of concept device can move in to the full design and manufacture process smoothly and efficiently.

A 3D printed switch is connected to sensors as a Proof of Concept prototype

Prototyping Excellence

Although only recently launched, Starter is dedicated to doing what BitBox has been doing for years; taking ideas and making them real. Throughout BitBox’s time, it has developed prototypes for many different environments, including energy generation, industrial controls and power monitoring.

The output that we strive for is a product that you are able to take away for field trials and product maturity testing. Following on from this, we place the whole project in to our Design Team’s hands where they recreate the product as a distribution ready device.


If you want to discuss how your concept can be prototyped, please get in touch below, or call us on 01256 799080.

Make Your Idea Real