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PCB Assembly technicians are trained to IPC610

Working to IPC610

BitBox remains committed to ensuring quality and reliability through the professionalism of its team. To support this aim, our PCB Assembly technicians train to standards defined by IPC, working to IPC610.

IPC aspires to be the leader in standards, quality programs and knowledge provision for the electronics industry. The industry widely accepts its standards as the benchmark for quality performance in PCB assembly. IPC610 focuses on improving the knowledge and skills required around electronics assembly.

Scott, Chris and Flinn have successfully passed a 3 day IPC610 training course at BCOT, Basingstoke College of Technology. This provides us with internationally recognised standards to work to when assembling electronic boards and equipment.

IPC610 Class 2 is relevant to industrial and commercial electronics. BitBox works to Class 2 for most assembly operations.

IPC610 Class 3 is relevant to safety critical, aerospace and medical electronics. BitBox works to Class 3 when specified.

If you are planning to design and manufacture electronics devices, ensure that your provider works to these standards. If you are getting started with your concept, talk with us and let us explore together how we can make your idea fly.