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Trilemma Consulting values BitBox partnership

Valuing the Partnership

BitBox values each partnership that it develops and has done since its inception in 1993. Our belief is that both us and our partners benefit from long term relationships. We get to better understand their position and what they need from solutions and the solution provider, and they get the benefit of our continuously developing expertise. This, as a result, builds mutual trust and, we believe, better electronics products.

One of these partners recently provided feedback about their experience of working with our design and manufacturing teams. Dr David Kane, CEO of Trilemma Consulting, has consulted for the UK’s energy sector and introduced innovations with industry leading organisations. Some of these have been developed by BitBox’s engineers and manufactured at our Basingstoke facility.

One project saw the development of a control module that interfaced between an electrical generator and a heating system. These combined to be a high efficiency micro generation solution. Such a complex system required true collaboration with many suppliers coming together to efficiently and effectively deliver the complete solution.

Dr Kane said:

“Trilemma Consulting Limited supports a range of clients in the Energy Sector, from SME to Blue Chip. We have used BitBox on several occasions to develop control modules, communications interfaces and wiring centres. For one client (one of the biggest British energy companies), BitBox developed mass production variants of several key components of the control system for a new low carbon technology, preparing several batches of prototypes for field trials and commercial pilot projects.”

Managing Director of BitBox, Quentin Lister, said of the partnership with Trilemma Consulting:

“BitBox has worked with a number of large clients in the UK’s energy sector ranging from the testing of electronics for use in extreme down hole oil well environments to working with the leaders in domestic gas provision. The product development with Trilemma Consulting has proved to be a valuable partnership in extending our joint experience in micro generation.”

Professional and Reliable

Of working with BitBox on complex solutions, Dr Kane said

“We have found BitBox’s engineering and production teams professional and reliable, throughout quotation, design, testing and delivery.”

Because of the strength of their relationship, BitBox and Trilemma Consulting continue to collaborate. Most noteworthy is the ongoing development of energy solutions, with new products currently undergoing field trials.