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Tom Walshe on Internship

BitBox is proud to provide internship experience to local students.

As BitBox approaches summer and an opportunity to work with some great young talent, we look back at what one student was able to achieve during his internship at the Basingstoke-located electronics and software design and manufacturer.

Tom Walshe is an electronics undergraduate at Durham University. Tom spent the summer of 2017 with the electronics and software design and manufacture team at BitBox experiencing how projects are undertaken in a commercial environment. As a part of his internship, BitBox tasked him with investigating specific challenges that inconvenience the team.

Watch as Tom describes and demonstrates the various projects he worked on. This includes an investigation in to the jitter of zero crossing points for a power measurement, enhancing the changes made in Gerber files and developing a tool to identify short circuits in a PCB.

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Applications for the summer internship 2018 are welcome. Check out our Careers page.