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BitBox Spirit Level PCB

Telegraph Tweetures Spirit Level PCB

Following the design and manufacture of a spirit level PCB business card, the Telegraph tweets about it.

BitBox has designed a business card sized spirit level to be given to attendees at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics. The event was held during May 2013  at FIVE in Farnborough, Hampshire. However, since the event the small device has attracted a lot of positive interest. As a result we decided to make it available for £10 per unit in an un-branded form. You can then add your own company logo and strap line and use it as a gift for your clients.

The positive interest didn’t end there! Having got hold of the business card, the Telegraph, the British national paper, tweeted its delight at the innovative device.

The Telegraph Tweeted about the Spirit Level PCB on Twitter

The device is incredibly sensitive and relies on some complex electronics to identify its positioning. The device translates this in to a visual prompt for the user to adjust the device one way or the other to achieve equilibrium. If you would like further details on the business card or the design and manufacture of your own electronics devices, please contact BitBox on 01256 799080.