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Bluetooth LE powers IIoT devices

Smarter Bluetooth Benefits M2M Systems

The pace of innovation is such that there is a constant stream of new benefits for M2M Systems. As the design and manufacturer of electronics and software for many M2M systems, BitBox is always on the look out for technologies that improve user experience. We have implemented the use of Smarter Bluetooth to the benefit of our customers’ systems.

A key benefit of Smarter Bluetooth is its use of power. One criticism of the original Bluetooth technology was its impact on power consumption. In consumer devices, this meant that devices regularly required charging. The latest version, Bluetooth LE (LE standing for Low Energy), provides users with a longer period between charges. Within Industrial settings, this improves the length of use for remote devices saving on power usage and maintenance.

Implementing Smarter Bluetooth provides better-connected products with reduced power consumption. This results in many BitBox-designed M2M systems enjoying longer battery life, such as data scanners, remote power measurement and logging devices and industrial networked sensors.

With this latest milestone, our UK team extends its successful track record of web-connected/IIoT and M2M systems that have been through our design and manufacture process.

If you are looking to benefit from the use of Smart Bluetooth in your M2M systems, please get in touch