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Skills for electronics engineering candidates

As a design and manufacturing facility, the quality of our electronics engineering expertise is a key element of our success. When recruiting, however, we often find that candidates lack key skills and qualities to make them stand out as an exceptional candidate.

So how can candidates stand out at an interview and demonstrate how they will make a difference to our electronics engineering projects and be a valued member of the BitBox team?


We know that engineers, particularly graduates, are attracted to large companies and the development opportunities they offer. However, we’ve noted that engineers from such companies have often only experienced a narrow area of electronics engineering. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! We can offer candidates a broad experience across multiple sectors, each with a variety of engineering challenges; things that are vital to career progression and job satisfaction. Experience can appear to hinder some candidates. However, demonstrating enthusiasm and a drive for progressing their skillset, are qualities that can help a candidate stand out.

Desire to solve problems

We get to meet many engineers that are technically very competent. We also see some that lack a genuine curiosity and problem solving skills.

Education certainly has a role to play in developing skills. Education can help to develop technical skills and knowledge. Often it is left to the individual to develop problem solving skills. In interviews, the candidate that demonstrates an intuitive desire and presents evidence of solving problems stands out as extraordinary.

Love of learning

The qualifications we look for in an engineer depend on the role. For our summer placements or apprenticeship vacancies we would expect candidates to be studying, or planning to study, electronics engineering in some form. For more senior roles, while qualifications gained at school, college or university are important, we are interested in experience as well as desire to continue to learn and develop. Like all industries, the world of electronic engineering changes quickly; someone who shows initiative, follows trends and has a genuine and evident love of learning really stands out.

Ability to see the big picture

As a service for hire company, we work with an amazing collection of customers on an exciting array of products. Our projects offer engineers a broad experience. From IIoT lighting control systems for multi-family housing to data centre controls. Or from renewable energy generation monitoring systems to sensors for down hole exploration. Having the design engineering and the manufacturing facility co-located ensures that our team can be involved throughout the whole process. They get to understand the complete process from the initial brief and concept creation through to design, layout, manufacturing and testing. And of course, co-location means that all of our projects can be completed cost effectively and efficiently. The candidates that will stand out in an interview are those that can look beyond their role, whether electronics engineer, layout specialist, PCB assembly technician or test. The candidates see how their output contributes towards making our customers delighted.


While there are many skills and qualities that we look for in successful candidates, the four key skills above are significant enough for us to write this post. As a growing company, we are often on the lookout for recruits. With many applications being submitted, we are selective in who we take on; these four key skills and qualities do not define an employee of BitBox, but they make a difference during an interview. If you want a job with us, take a look at the BitBox careers page and, if there is something relevant, please get in touch.