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BitBox's smallest PCB

Our smallest PCB

Size does matter! BitBox is rightly proud of its smallest PCB, a board slightly larger than a Micro SD card.

BitBox invests in its people and production processes to ensure it delivers quality and reliable products every time. When a customer asked for a PCB, we knew that we were up to the challenge. The result is our smallest PCB measuring only 22.75mm x 14mm. With components on both sides, it is 4.1mm thick.

It has a broad input supply range of 2.4 to 12V, an ATMEGA2405RFR2 microcontroller, a MEMs sensor, a 2.4GHz aerial for Zigbee data – and a micro-SD slot! These combine to give amazing functionality for such a tiny device.

The device is designed to run for months on a single battery storing data to a micro SD card.

To challenge us with manufacturing your PCB, please get in touch!