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Europlacer SMT line for Contract Electronics Manufacture

Europlacer pick and place line

BitBox enhances its commitment to Contract Electronics Manufacture with Europlacer Pick and Place line.

The Basingstoke facility has focused on developing electronics products it then goes on to manufacture. This has been the basis of its service for over two decades. However, the inclusion of the Europlacer line positions BitBox as a complete CEM (Contract Electronics Manufacturer).

The all-new surface mount line comprises:

  • Speedprint SP-710 solder paste printer – with 2D solder paste inspection
  • iineo2, the Europlacer pick and place machine
  • TSM A70-j82S 8 zone reflow oven
  • UMO-390 PCB unloader

The Surface Mount line runs fully automatically. It starts with bare PCBs that are fed into the paste printer, then into the pick and place machine and then into the reflow oven. Once baked, the assembled PCBs are stacked. From there some will move to our manual PCB Assembly line for through hole and large component assembly or on to inspection and test.

BitBox focuses on Quality and Reliability. The accuracy and speed of the iineo2 pick and place machine has greatly improved the placement of components. This improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the surface mount production line and the quality of our products.

To support the surface mount line – and to assure our placement reliability BitBox has invested in an Automatic Optical Inspection machine from DCB automation.

The result is a Contract Electronics Manufacture process that is first class. And because of our expertise in electronics and software design, we have onsite resource to provide additional insight to further ensure the quality and reliability of manufactured goods.