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ESD test facility available from BitBox

ESD test facility

BitBox introduces an ESD test facility providing a pre-compliance platform for ESD testing our designs.

ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) testing is a mandatory requirement of regulatory approvals for the CE mark. Its purpose is to measure and report on the ESD emissions of electronics devices. The ESD test is frequently left until the very end of the regulatory approvals process because it is potentially destructive to the unit under test. However, there are few things worse than failing the ESD test right at the last hurdle!

BitBox introduces an ESD test facility on site which gives us the ability to perform checks as required. Crucially, this can be early on during the design and prototyping phases. By running ESD tests early, we will significantly improve our chance of achieving a first time pass at the formal regulatory ESD tests. The impact of this is the delivery of reliable products on time, with the reduction in costs resulting from the redesign of electronics that fail.

The acquisition of the ESD test facility from our partners at Devlin Electronics, enhance our Pre-Compliance service offering. We provide this service in its own right to other manufacturers or to our design to manufacture customers.

If you are looking to design and manufacture reliable products, or just test devices for pre-compliance purposes, please get touch.