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Thermal Environmental Testing Services

Environmental Testing – Thermal Tests

BitBox offers a wide range of specialised environmental testing for industrial electronic devices.

Devices must withstand a range of environmental conditions, whether for use in energy generation or to protect critical business data.

BitBox designs and manufactures electronics products for use in demanding scenarios. Critical to our reputation is the continuous reliability of every electronic device we develop. To achieve reliability, we include environmental testing as a service. Its purpose is to mimic the conditions the product is to experience in a lab to ensure that each and every component is capable of performing its function. The output of this process are quality electronics products that exceed the expectations of the customer.

Our approach to environmental testing is to provide dedicated line and test programme managers to oversee the testing phase. Where required we set up custom test-lines to replicate the standards of each industrial environment.

Thermal Environmental Testing

Our Thermal Environmental Testing is based on the temperature conditions of the product’s use. Our standard thermal test ovens cover most electronics test requirements and automatic cycling under high temperatures from ambient up to +250 Centigrade. We frequently use thermal tests for industrial equipment deployed for use in down hole oil exploration, energy generation and in healthcare environments.

We supplement our thermal test equipment with customised jigs and automated test software, to ensure robust environmental tests.

Complete Test Services

Customers that come to BitBox to for both design and Manufacture services, benefit from our commitment to delivering quality and reliable electronics products. We achieve this reliability through our integrated approach to testing. For example, we run pre-compliance testing, automated optical inspection, manual inspection, system test and environmental tests. These tests ensure that we provide our customers with a product that delights them. As a service provider to other manufacturers, our Environmental Testing services are available to assist with their developments.

If you are looking to design, manufacture or complete an electronics product that requires intensive environmental testing, please call us or submit the form below.