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Electronics & Software Design & Manufacture
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Encased Electronics Design using pro space modelling tools

Encased electronics design

BitBox provides the full service: concept development through to distribution-ready manufacture. This includes encased electronics design. We take care to model PCB assembly and control positions so your product fits into an enclosure properly!

Designing electronics without understanding the complete end-to-end process carries risk. Imagine creating a complex PCB only to find the board does not fit within its enclosure. We have heard of it occurring! To reduce risk, waste and cost, BitBox has a well-equipped design suite. We use pro tools like Cadence Allegro for encased electronics design and PCB layout to ensure board features and mountings easily fit together.

We’ve created a video to demonstrate our we design for electronics enclosures.

3D Space Modelling is one of a number of engineering good practices we use to ensure that we build your product the way your customers want it, without wasting your time and money.
We can also export parts of the mechanical model to 3D printer easily to double-check mechanical steps to assembly. Export to SolidWorks is another route open.
See more of our videos here on our YouTube Channel and discover our all-UK product solutions and design capabilities at our Design Services web pages.