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Electronics & Software Design & Manufacture
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Flinn, BitBox's electronics apprentice, is involved in all stages of Manufacturing

Electronics Apprentice

BitBox reflects within its core value its relationship with nurturing engineering talent. Employees of BitBox continue personal development with relevant industry training, while the doors are open to interns studying electronics engineering. As a result, we welcomed our first electronics apprentice to undertake training in our professional setting.

Flinn Kenward joined BitBox nearly a year ago as an apprentice in his chosen engineering course at BCOT, Basingstoke College of Technology. Consequently it pleases us how well he fits in. We also recognise the quality of his contribution to the company. We continue to support Flinn throughout his apprenticeship.

Managing Director Quentin Lister asked Flinn to provide a short statement about his expectations from his time with BitBox. This is what Flinn said:

Hello, my name is Flinn Kenward and I’m pleased to say that I am BitBox’s first ever electronics apprentice. I approached this company initially to do some work experience for my college course in electronics. I found this really interesting and was able to carry on two days a week alongside my college course. BitBox then offered me an Apprenticeship, where I will be studying a BTEC Level 3 in Engineering at BCOT whilst learning and applying new skills at BitBox. I am looking forward to starting the Apprenticeship and hopefully this will be the start of a long and successful career with a forward thinking company.

As of January 2019, Flinn remains at BitBox and is a valued member of the Manufacturing team applying his expertise across the production line process. Pleased with the outcome for Flinn, we continue to invest in nurturing young engineers. If you are a local undergraduate looking for a summer internship, please contact us.