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The CuePilot Studio Server, designed and Manufactured by BitBox

CuePilot Case Study

Following successful use, CuePilot has provided a case study on their experience of working with BitBox. The electronics engineering company was approached to undertake the development of CuePilot’s multi-platform broadcast server.

CuePilot provides a multi-platform, multi-user studio server system for use in live broadcast environments. Located in Denmark, the company has built a global reputation and proudly includes the entertainment show Eurovision Song Contest among notable productions that have relied upon their system.

CuePilot Studio Server in Use in Broadcast Television
(Image from CuePilot on Instagram)

In close collaboration with CuePilot, BitBox created the specification, designed the electronics and software and then manufactured the complete product. Key to success was meeting the rigorous demands of the system’s use and to account for the new functionality required. Multiple users connect with the IIoT device via the internet and access information required for the successful broadcast of live television. Each user views prompts in real time describing upcoming tasks, thereby creating shots right on cue.

This is a perfect project project for BitBox, allowing the team to develop its knowledge of broadcast applications and deliver final production units.

Of the experience, CuePilot CEO Per Zachariassen said:

“Working with BitBox has been great experience. The team has been extremely professional with superb engineering qualifications, being able to guide us in the right direction. The final system is being successfully used in live productions… including Europe’s biggest entertainment show, the Eurovision Song Contest 2018…”

Download the full CuePilot case study here.