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Bluetooth LE powers IIoT devices

Bluetooth LE Powers IIoT Devices

With the astronomical rise of the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) is equally gaining use. Bluetooth LE is a means to support near-field communications.

The original Bluetooth gained popularity because of its use within consumer products. For example, phones connected with earpieces and FitBits with apps. The intensive drain on power was one failing. However, Bluetooth LE draws less power, making its use within industrial environments. Remote sensors are now able to share data continuously over a significant period of time.

Our experience in IIoT device design and manufacture has demonstrated the power of Bluetooth LE when coupled with an ARM Processor. An embedded ARM processor, when expertly implemented, offers a wide range of interfacing options, including low-cost communications, flexible I/O control, and today’s choice of User Interfaces. Such devices operate in ultra low power mode giving ‘always-on’ wireless communications with extended battery life.

Embedded ARM Processor supporting Bluetooth LE applications

This latest Bluetooth technology enhances the embedded ARM Processor applications that we manufacture. As a result, users get the simplicity and flexibility of wireless M2M communications, allowing mobile App or web device access, low-power consumption and a lower unit-cost.

Our engineers created a video of connected Bluetooth LE devices, powered by an embedded ARM Processor:

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