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Glazing Vision manufactures windows to maximise natural light

BitBox publishes latest Case Study on Glazing Vision

BitBox Ltd, an electronics and software design and manufacturer located in Basingstoke, Hampshire, has today published its latest case study.

Glazing Vision Ltd provides a variety of architectural glass rooflights to suit an equally diverse range of residential dwellings and commercial properties. BitBox was engaged to support the firmware development critical to the success of the company’s product.

Following a review of the existing application and developing an understanding of the future expectations of the product, BitBox provided firmware development services over 2 phases. After assessing the firmware code, BitBox decided to completely re-write it. Consequently, this provided a much more stable platform. Testament to the effectiveness of this collaboration, Michael Murphy, a manager within Glazing Vision, said: “Any issues we were experiencing have now been rectified.”

The full details about BitBox’s firmware development service to Glazing Vision can be accessed via the Case Study.

If you face your own challenge with the firmware development phase of an electronics product, please get in touch.