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Mains Power Monitoring devices, developed by BitBox

BitBox provides mains power monitoring

BitBox develops electronics devices for use in a variety of applications. One function that we have excelled in is mains power monitoring.

Many of our custom electronics designs keep a close eye on one or many mains power circuits. These monitor power, energy use and even capture line waveform integrity.

Our design team has a range of tools to monitor power on single phase, three phase and multi-circuit systems. We have developed advanced electronics and programmable chip systems capable of running real-time waveform capture. Matching an accurate CT current transformer with precision low noise analogue electronics is key to good design – safely capturing high voltages with robust mains isolation. We skilfully implement isolation to maximise safety and minimise approvals, costs and risks.

This is a core feature of our service, by qualified and experienced electronics engineers that work at our Hampshire facility.

BitBox has produced a video that features a Current Transformer mains power monitoring device.


If you are looking for an IIoT device that provides mains power monitoring, or other electronics, please contact us.