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Smart Buildings rely on control systems such as this BitBox developed Lighting Management System

BitBox Attends Smart Buildings Show

BitBox attends the Smart Buildings Show held at the Barbican Exhibition Centre, London to showcase its expertise in Building Management Control Systems.

BitBox attends Smart Builds Show, 2018

Smart Buildings

The concept of Smart Buildings is continuing to grow in importance within the strategies of organisations. This two-day event seeks to inform attendees of what technologies are available and how they can begin the journey in converting their building in to one that meets the demands of both its users and the climate.

At the core of a Smart Building is the ability to intelligently control the environment. For instance, this might be that lighting systems respond to external light levels or by the presence of users inside. A connected device monitors the external brightness while internal sensors catch movement to decide what lighting is required and where. Other environment responsive controls might include temperature, airflow, energy consumption and security. Implementing management systems such as these provide costs savings because of reduced maintenance and improved conditions for workers.

M2M Gateway

BitBox is attending the Smart Buildings Show to promote its expertise in the design and manufacture of bespoke building controls. Typically working with product and service suppliers, BitBox has expertise in delivering building management systems. Recent examples include programmable LED lighting systems that are IoT connected and glazing control units. These too are programmed to respond to user inputs or in response to pre-defined conditions. Also on show is BitBox’s M2M Gateway which is a hardware controller that provides two-way communications with nodes. In some scenarios, the M2M Gateway acts as a transmitter of data from wired or remote sensors to a user interface, allowing the user to monitor and respond to the data.

Quentin Lister, Managing Director of BitBox, said of attending the Smart Buildings Show,

“We’ve experienced a growth in Smart Building technologies from being involved in the industry and from our customers as they look to develop Smart Buildings innovations. This expo is a great platform for BitBox to showcase its pedigree in designing and manufacturing building management systems. We’re looking forward to meeting people looking for design and manufacture partners for products that will contribute towards buildings becoming efficient through IoT technologies, and to expanding our network.”

BitBox will be on stand J2. Come and say ‘hi’!