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ARM Processor based music server

Prestigious industry news publisher, Electronics Weekly and Electronics Product Design & Test, have run a feature on the recently developed BitBox music server.

Our electronics engineers based the design on an ARM processor, the ARM Cortex-A8 Freescale i.MX512 CPU. It runs Debian Linux. The hardware has a SATA interface for a hard disk, Ethernet USB connectors and a serial interface. The music server has three separate audio outputs. Users control the server from either a wireless key-pad or from the internet.

Speaking of the music server, managing director Quentin Lister said: “Some adopters of offshore design and manufacturing services discovered that the projected cost gains were offset by the challenge of managing projects remotely, especially in products and component parts manufactured in small to medium volume.”

Needless to say, it delights BitBox to feature in Electronics Weekly. Read the full article: