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Alternatives to Programmable Logic Controllers

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are used in products which are monitoring or controlling systems and processes. Many of our customers have said that off-the-shelf PLCs work well when implementing single custom systems. However, they prove very costly when manufacturing multiple identical systems.

BitBox has worked with a number of companies to replace costly implementations of Programmable Logic Controllers with a low cost, robust PCB with all of the required I/O and real time software functions built in. The solutions have also provided Machine to Machine (M2M) communications for IoT applications and local radio systems such as LoRa and ZigBee.

Using the on-site manufacturing facility BitBox can also provide convenient batches of fully tested, boxed units providing a solution which is affordable, scalable and reliable.

At BitBox we have successfully designed industrial products which operate smoothly, 24/7. These applications include energy management, control and monitoring solutions deployed across the UK and worldwide.

Talk with BitBox‘s all-UK electronics design team today. We”ll partner you to success with cost-effective electronics design & production.