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BitBox's Box Build Services, complete electronics assembly

18 years of quality electronics hardware design

Like many growing businesses, electronics hardware design facility BitBox has benefited from a number of very long term relationships. Creative Retail Entertainment is one of these partnerships. It pleases BitBox to have served CRE for over 18 years with quality and reliable products.

The company originally came to BitBox with the desire to see their multi-CD music player manufactured for distribution. Its purpose was for use within high street stores. The concept is that retail outlets want to provide a relaxing experience that encourage shoppers to stay. This device enables stores to play music without worrying about adverts or poor choices in music. Consequently, BitBox was asked to redevelop the device to accommodate music from a disc drive. Seizing the challenge, BitBox provided electronics hardware design services. However, over the years the electronics design house continues to bring fresh quality engineering and new technologies to the product.

Delighted by the Reliability

Of his time working with BitBox, Steve Lupton, Technical Director of Creative Retail Entertainment, said:

“Creative Retail Entertainment supplies solid state music players to the retail and licenced sector and has worked with BitBox since 2001. The fact that they are now manufacturing our 5th variant in 18 years of our ever-evolving product is testament to the quality of work that BitBox has delivered. We remain delighted by the reliability of the engineering, manufacturing and box build services provided. The BitBox team understands our business and product so well that we view them as an extension of our product development capability.”

Value the Partnership

Quentin Lister, Managing Director of BitBox, said

“We value customers that become partners where our relationships bring real mutual value. Creative Retail Entertainment constantly challenges us to introduce new features and to evolve their product to be the best that it can be. Because of our understanding of their offering, we are able to deliver on this time and time again. As a result, we have a loyal customer and they have an industry leading device.”

To find out more about the latest range of Creative Retail Entertainment devices, please check out their website. To understand our electronics hardware design offering, please click here contact us via the form below.