New Bluetooth LE cuts industrial electronics costs

We've created a video of our new Bluetooth low-energy interface on custom embedded ARM® and electronics designs...

New Bluetooth LE cuts industrial electronics costs

For all your industrial systems and professional electronics products, our embedded ARM team offers you a wide range of interfacing options, including low-cost communications, flexible I/O control, and today's choice of User Interfaces - we can design and manufacture exactly the right combination. This video shows just one example, equipped with Bluetooth Smart:

Like most designs our clients ask us to develop, this product just rolled-off the surface-mount line from our UK factory (each equipped our ARM processors talking via Bluetooth LE). They can operate in ultra low power mode giving 'always-on' wireless communications between badges with extended battery life.

embedded electronics design video shows bluetooth smart low energy

Along with ARM processors with industrial electronics interfaces, Bluetooth smart wireless communications with Low Energy modes is one of many powerful functions our electronics designers build into your products and systems.

New Bluetooth Smart enhances the embedded platforms we offer, so our Solutions Provider clients get the simplicity and flexibility of wireless, allowing mobile App or web device access, low-power consumption and lower unit-cost.

Our proven Arm processor architectures are already designed for many professional and industrial products deployed worldwide. ..replacing expensive, complex wired connections with today's adaptable connectivity - BitBox software engineers add extra intelligence tailored to your application with with a choice of firmware and platforms- whatever your product requires we design the best mix of features.

Designing with BitBox also reduces your risk - BitBox Electronics designers have our own surface mount UK manufacturing and test resources here on-site. With 30 years in-house experience in embedded programming, and experts on everything from product enclosures, interconnect, accurate I/O interfaces and robust industrial control interfacing, we work as one team from concept, electronics design, PCB and component sourcing, through to manufacturing and overall project management.

Contact our custom embedded service team for professional and industrial electronics - we have reference sites supporting industries 24/7, worldwide.