Manufacturing Plant List

One of the primary differences between PCB manufacturers is their production line. However, it is not just about having the most recent model, but about how it is used. BitBox invests in both its equipment and its staff to ensure that only the right skills and technologies are used to suit the demands of each job.

Speedprint SP710avi

BitBox Solder Paste web

  • Max board size 600mm x 510mm
  • Automatic optical alignment to 20um @ 6 Sigma 2cpk
  • Automatic speed and pressure control for squeegee operation
  • 2D+ solder paste inspection
  • Automatic under-stencil cleaner


Europlacer Iineo 2

BitBox Pick n Place web

  • 2 rotary heads on dual linear X/Y gantries with 8 and 12 pick ups & a 40 position ‘smart’ nozzle bank per head
  • Placement rate 26 300 cph (IPC: 22 030 cph)
  • Component placement from 01005 to 50x50mm
  • Component lead pitch 0.3mm (QFP), 0.4mm (µBGA)
  • Component lead size 0.15mm (QFP), 0.2mm (µBGA)
  • Accuracy, standard 35µm (QFP) to 50µm (Chip)
  • up to 264 8mm feeders plus 3 Jedec trays
  • Max PCB size 700 x 460mm


8 Zone Reflow Oven

BitBox Reflow Oven web

  • 8 heating zones top and bottom 2 cooling zones
  • Heated length 2.2m
  • Conveyor speed 0.3 – 1.6m/min
  • Chain conveyor with anti warp support
  • Temperature accuracy ±1ºC


Umo-390 PCB Stacker

BitBox PCB Stacker web 1

  • PCB unloader mechanism
  • 3 off R-808 racks (535 x 460 x 570 mm)
  • Max PCB size 535 x (50-390mm)


Optical Inspection System

BitBox Optical Inspection System web

  • 4M pixel colour CCD camera providing 10.6µM resolution suitable for 01005 components
  • Telecentric Lens to ensure no distortion of image.
  • Laser Co-planarity capability for BGA and IC lead inspection (automatic lead height profile) now providing the highest level of performance from a bench top AOI system; as standard
  • Standard inspection area 470mm x 450mm
  • 3 tier coloured LED lighting for accurate solder inspection
  • Database connectivity for statistical reporting.
  • Off-line software included for programming and rework facility
  • UK designed and manufactured