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Electronics Assembly

BitBox's manual PCB Assembly team

When it comes to Electronics Assembly, we understand your challenges: what happens to ensure PCB assembly is delivered to perfection every time? Why should I choose a UK Contract Electronics Manufacturer over an offshore facility? What really is the difference between manufacturers?

BitBox is here to help you, as it has helped hundreds of organisations over 25 years.

Having Contract Electronics Manufacture Services for many customers over the years, our manufactured products function in amazing places from protecting the data centres of many leading brands and transmitting data from extreme locations – from remote wind turbines to submersed equipment. Our PCB assembly expertise includes: sensors, power management systems, gateways, PLCs, microcontrollers, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and lighting management systems.

Because we design electronics software and hardware, and manufacture and assemble units inhouse, you can be assured that every project we undertake has the appropriate input from specially qualified professionals. Our team is passionate about delivering quality, reliable solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.


Our PCB Assembly service is located in our Hampshire-based world-class facilities.

Our Contract Electronics Manufacture Service