Box Build

To give you peace of mind and absolute confidence in every electronic product your customers receive, we offer a Box Build service that can include a final product test. 

Many products that the BitBox electronics design and manufacturing team deliver are a part of a bigger system and not just a PCB. As a result, we have become the partner to many customers that rely on our team for the complete manufacture of distribution-ready products. 

At the design stage, we will look at the visual presence of your electronic product and work with you to design and then build a box that your customers will use with pride. Our manufacturing team will take inspected printed circuit boards and assemble these within the box, giving you a completed product. 

While our manufacturing line features Automated Optical Testing and, for customised manual assembly, we have manual inspection, we offer you a final product test. This will run the product as it is to be used by your end-users, giving you complete assurance that what you pass on is what they expect. 

Our service to you can include the assembly and packaging of each product ready for shipping directly to your customers or your distribution centre.

Using our Insight MRP system we are able to manage lead times and purchase custom hardware to ensure we have a complete kit for product assembly when you need it.

If you have a demand for a Box Build project, talk with us and let us explore what we can do for you. 

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