Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services

BitBox now offers a comprehensive subcontract electronic manufacturing service. Using the engineering systems and expertise built up over many years to manufacture our own designs we now provide this electronic manufacturing service to external companies.

Providing you with a quotation

BitBox will provide a quotation to manufacture your electronic assemblies based on your bill of materials, design files, quantities and delivery requirements. Send electronic data to to receive a prompt competitive quotation for manufacture.

Required electronic data includes:

  • Bill of Materials showing component references, preferred suppliers and part numbers
  • Gerber files for the PCB
  • Placement data (X, Y, Theta) for surface mount components

Sourcing your components

Components required for your job can be sourced by the BitBox purchasing department. Only approved franchised distributors are used for your components. BitBox will research alternative compatible parts if we find delivery issues with your first choice items.

BitBox will use components that you supply (free issue) - provided that that are suitably packaged for an automated assembly processes.

Manufacturing your boards

our boards are manufactured to the same high standards that BitBox uses on its own products. The process includes the following:

  • Build the job pack. This ensures that the BitBox assembly staff follow a clearly defined set of assembly steps.
  • Kitting and labelling. This process confirms that your components will be used correctly during the assembly process.
  • Load the job on the automated pick and place line.
    • The optically aligned solder paste printer is loaded with a custom paste screen for your printed circuit board.
    • The pick and place machine is programmed with your placement data.
    • The pick and place machine is loaded with your kit.
    • The oven is temperature profiled to suit your printed circuit board.
  • Run the surface mount process. Your surface mount components are placed into solder paste accurately and automatically.
  • Automatic Optical Inspection. BitBox will offer automatic optical inspection. We recommend this for quantities of 10 or more boards.
  • Add the through-hole components. Components that cannot be placed automatically are hand placed and soldered by our IPC qualified assembly team members.
  • Final Inspection. All boards are visually inspected by our IPC qualified team members.
  • Package and shipment.
    • Assembled boards are packed in anti-static packaging suitable for shipment to you.
    • Your product is shipped to you using a tracked courier service

All component handling and assembly takes place in a static-safe environment

Electronic Manufacturing Shop floor

Product Test

Your product can be tested or configured as part of the assembly process.

Any measurements that are required as part of the testing process can draw on a large array of high-end test equipment with significant operating experience interpreting the results. All multi-meters, oscilloscopes, Hi-Potential (Hi-Pot) testers are calibrated according to the manufacturers recommended schedule.

Any problems that arise during the testing or configuring process can be addressed - with your approval. BitBox is a highly technical company that has huge on-site engineering resource it can draw on to assess and solve technical issues.

BitBox has expertise in testing electrical power measurement devices and products designed to work at temperatures up to 180℃

BitBox can use your test equipment and programming devices to verify correct product operation if required.

Box Build

If your product includes an enclosure BitBox can so the final assembly and even package directly to customer packaging.

Electronic Assembly - Box Build

Quality Assured

BitBox has been audited by BSi to confirm that it works to the ISO9001:2015 standard.

The assembly quality of your product is of paramount importance to BitBox. The BitBox assembly team takes great pride in the quality of what leaves our factory - and the fact that it leaves on time.

We develop long term relationships with our clients - and this is only possible by providing good quality workmanship to a defined delivery schedule.