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IoT Device Design

IoT Device Design Services

If you have invested your time and energy in to creating an idea that uses the internet to help its users, you need an IoT device design and manufacture partner that you can trust to make it a success!

BitBox, with over 25 years of electronics and software design and manufacture expertise, provides everything that you need to make your idea a reality. Our passionate in-house team builds products that make the best use of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and principles and are qualified and experienced to give your product the support it deserves.

Our IoT device design and manufacture experience includes:


Lighting Management Systems – Multi-family housing developments benefit from BitBox designed and developed lighting systems. More than just been highly effective lighting, each unit is linked via the internet to the service provider who monitors the health of every installation


Sensor Gateways – Key to sharing information across the internet is the ability to collect it. BitBox has created a number of Gateway devices that collect information from analogue, digital, LoRa and even Modbus sensors and then share the data over mobile networks.

If you are looking for an electronic product designer and manufacturer with the experience and expertise to help your IoT device become a reality, call us for a no obligation chat on 01256 799080 or message us via the form below.