How IoT Benefits Service Delivery

How IoT Benefits Service Delivery

BitBox practices what it preaches. We profess that IoT, or the Internet of Things, is more than a consumer gimmick to make lights turn on-and-offable from your phone. Increasingly it is transforming B2B services. Our team uses internet-connected devices to benefit service delivery for us and our customers.

BitBox serves its customers through the design and manufacture of electronic products that often go on to form part of our customers’ own service. One customer, a leader in controlled lighting for multi-family living, benefits from the IoT in a way that is enabling them to better serve their customers and, as a consequence, improve efficiencies.

The LED lighting system, manufactured in house at BitBoxThe product is a lighting system that is programmed to respond to specific environmental conditions; during daylight, the lights are off. During darker hours, the lights are on and automatically adjust brightness to suit the lighting needs. In emergency situations the lights revert to ‘Emergency Mode’, providing illumination for evacuation and to aid response team visibility. These lights can be controlled and programmed via a web interface. This level of control provides cost savings on energy and, because the lights are LED, through time and effort on maintenance.

An additional benefit is that the system runs automated self-tests. Each customer receives test records as evidence to satisfy regulatory emergency light test requirements.

The IoT is about connected devices; BitBox’s customer benefits from the IoT in a different way, a way that has transformed its own service delivery. The company continually monitors the status of all installations in real-time, enabling them to provide appropriate rapid assistance when necessary.

Where third line support is required, the BitBox engineering team can be granted access to the data to monitor system performance, again via the internet. This allows the design experts that built the system to make assessments and identify ways to improve the product.


Through this approach both the customer and BitBox have saved time and effort and, importantly for BitBox, successfully demonstrated that the use of IoT principles benefits its service delivery.


If you want to explore how the IoT can help you achieve business or product improvement, please contact us.