Free one hour design clinic with BitBox experts

We offer a free design clinic for new product ideas. Explain what your product needs and we will provide you...

Free one hour design clinic with BitBox experts

A free one hour clinic with BitBox experts can help you answer questions like these:

  • "For my product to succeed in the market it needs to cost £100. Is this possible?"
  • "How much will it cost to design my device? - and how long will it take?"
  • "I've proved my idea with an Arduino prototype... what are my options to get to final production? And keep on-budget?
  • "I know I need battery powered wireless as part of my solution, but I'm now confused by all the options. Wireless data seems a maze!

We can help you work through the myriad options that is 'the Internet of Things' (IoT) including mobile communications, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. We can help with near-field communications and local wireless using RFID/NFC, ZigBee and Bluetooth. We can help with 'cloud' applications and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications. More generally we can help with LED lighting, audio products, batteries and power management, power measurement, signal measurement and analysis, LCD devices, product enclosures, product testing.

As well as the technical side of things we can talk about:

  • how the design process works - how is an electronic product designed
  • how the prototypes are manufactured and tested and how the software is written
  • how the product reliability is assured
  • regulatory approvals that may apply to your product
  • how your product can be manufactured and tested in volume

With the right guidance your product design process won't stall... BitBox would like to be your trusted partner who can help you realise and manufacture your product. BitBox is glad to help with our experienced design team on hand.

Have you reached a point where we can help you? We look forward to hearing from you to set up your free one hour clinic with the BitBox experts. Save time and risk now by talking to the team that regularly helps realise market-leading and cost effective electronics products.

One hour free

There is no obligation to work with BitBox after the free clinic. Any advice and ideas we come up are yours to take away.

Your idea is confidential and BitBox will not use any disclosed information unless you engage us to work with you. To further protect your idea, we have provided a template Non-Disclosure Agreement that you are free to use.