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Electronics & Software Design & Manufacture
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Flexible PCB Assembly

Many electronic devices require flexible Printed Circuit Boards – whether because the device is thin, a part of a touch pad or because the device’s shape demands it. To get volume flexible PCB assembly takes a particular skill set.

BitBox is here to help you with the manufacture of flexible PCBs, as it has helped other organisations. This flexible PCB is the touch panel for a control system designed and manufactured in house. We’d like the opportunity to provide you with our contract electronics manufacturing services.

Our Customers Include

VisionRT logo; BitBox has supported VisionRT for many years, providing PCB Assembly services
Commulite Logo - BitBox designs and manufactures an industry leading LED lighting solution for use in residential units
BitBox has designed and manufactured parts of the Cuepilot broadcast studio server

Proven Expertise

Having provided our PCB assembly services for many customers over the years, our manufactured products function in amazing places from protecting the data centres of many leading brands to transmitting data from extreme locations – from remote wind turbines to submersed equipment.

Our PCB assembly expertise includes: sensors, power management systems, gateways, PLCs, microcontrollers, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and lighting management systems.

Read more about our Manufacturing Services.

PCB Assembly with the Europlacer SMT line
Our Surface Mount PCB assembly line features world class, high performance equipment

BitBox designs electronics software and hardware, and manufactures and assembles units in-house. Therefore, you can be assured that every project we undertake has the appropriate input from specially qualified professionals.

Whether Surface Mount Technology or through hole PCB assembly is required, our team is passionate about delivering quality, reliable solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.

View our high performance equipment that makes up our Surface Mount production line.

PCB Assembly technicians are IPC qualified and highly skilled
PCB Assembly technicians are IPC qualified and highly skilled

Request A Quote

If you would like to request a quote from the BitBox team, please contact us using the chat box or call on 01256 799080 during office hours, or message us using the form below. Our aim is to give you a competitive quote within 2 working days of receiving your Gerber files and Bill of Materials – why not put us to the test?!