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Embedded Software

Our embedded software development engineers have decades of experience in applications across sectors such as energy, healthcare, down hole and industrial controls. We invest in developing coding skills to ensure that you benefit from the latest technologies. Being technology agnostic means that you receive the most appropriate software development for your product’s design; being well established means that you have access to BitBox extensive software code libraries. As a result, you save time and money.

When you work with BitBox, you retain the intellectual property for your software development giving you peace of mind and security for the future of your product.

BitBox offers:

  • Extensive software development experience.
  • Access to the most appropriate programming language for your product design
  • Access to our code libraries to save you time and money.
  • Reliable Linux platform expertise and code or support as you develop your own software
  • Ownership of your intellectual property and your software development.
  • Version control and detailed record keeping providing quality assurance and peace of mind.

Our Software development expertise includes:

  • C for embedded systems
  • Assembler for time critical embedded code
  • Lua for larger embedded systems that need scripting
  • C# or C++ for Windows applications
  • We also have good experience of using SQLite with fully embedded databases.

As a BitBox partner, you have access to:

  • C runtime library replacement (to reduce compiled code size)
  • TCP/IP stack (lwIP)
  • Threading (co-operative)
  • Graphical User Interface with touch screen
  • GSM modem interface
  • Serial interfaces using DMA engines – including CAN, I2C, SPI, RS232, SATA ….
  • USB device libraries and much more.

Embedded Software Development is a key part of our design and manufacture process