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The 5 Stage BitBox Approach is how we deliver reliable, quality products every time.

1. Design Discovery

During design discovery we listen to your product goals and key project requirements. It is crucial that we understand how your product will be deployed so we can capture its full scope.

2. Preliminary Design and Specification

We invest in further understanding the product and the design process required. As a collaborative stage, our senior hardware and software engineers will begin drawing on their expertise in current technologies and discuss ideas that benefit your product.

This is where your concept is nurtured into an outline design.

3. Detailed Design

This is where your product comes alive! Our software and hardware design engineers convert the specification document in to a viable product. Our team begins work, keeping the delivery date, product specification and target unit price in mind.

All of our processes have quality built in. From document control to version release, we maintain tracking to ensure the integrity of the development process is protected.

4. Product Validation

For your product to be a success it is imperative that it is tested.  This is your chance to take the product out of our facilities and put it through its paces. Our belief is that while we could test it, you are expert in your field, not us! You will be able to create the correct conditions to really ensure that the product is fit for purpose.

5. Manufacture

On successful completion of design maturity testing, the passionate and professional BitBox team begins manufacturing your product.

100% of all products designed and manufactured by BitBox are tested before delivery. And for added peace of mind, we can provide Box Build and system test too.