Taking Arduino design to full commercial product

My concept works on Arduino... how do I source a reliable partner for successful commercial production?

Reasons to choose BitBox for support to transition from Arduino concept to commercial production

  • Strong engineering team to understand your product and re-engineer where necessary
  • Extensive experience in bringing successful products to market
  • Experience of regulatory approval requirements and related compliance issues
  • Full confidentiality protection for your intellectual property (sample non disclosure agreement here).
  • Full implementation information supplied back to you to give you long term product security
  • Assembled units delivered in batches from our UK manufacturing facility to suit your market, from few to many
  • We share your passion and commitment to delivering a successful commercial product

By choosing the BitBox Arduino develop-for-growth pathway for your product, you will minimise risks, delays and costs to commercial launch and maximise the re-use of your coding and proof of concept work.

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Finalise your Arduino electronics design ready for commercial production

Arduino kits - from the tiny LightBlue Bean® to the many larger developer platforms - are superb starting points. Once you've prototyped with lash-ups and results are good if you need to secure funding to progress to commercial production you'll need to develop a robust prototype.

At BitBox we have extensive experience supporting product designers to take their designs forward to a commercial product reducing some of the risks. We have worked with the core elements of Arduino for many years and have a sound understanding of how to transform your design from an Arduino concept to successful product.

At BitBox we offer a FREE one hour get started design for production clinic.

When moving from product concept to commercial production choosing the right electronics partner is key to the success of your product, ensuring you benefit from:

  • quality design and manufacture
  • testing capability including a comprehensive understanding of regulatory approvals requirements
  • ensuring you can scale to volume manufacture profitably
  • managing obsolescence and innovation throughout your product’s lifecycle.

Many companies choose BitBox as their design and manufacturing partner to deliver:

  • cost-effective component sourcing
  • skilled design engineers with expertise in designing for CE-marking, compliance and product approvals
  • ability to produce a production-ready, reliably assembled product at a known cost that assures your funding backers.

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For the CE mark, find out about regulatory approval testing services here.

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