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Electronics & Software Design & Manufacture
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Design and Manufacturing of Lift Electronics

Lifts destined for industrial, commercial and residential environments demand quality and reliability. Once designed, there is a need to ensure that the high standards that defined the initial requirement are upheld in every batch manufactured.

BitBox has over 25 years of demonstrable experience in electronics and software design and manufacture with specific expertise in industrial controls, including the manufacturing of lift electronics. BitBox is proud to include Stannah among its customers. Having designed electronics and software for their industrial lifts, ensuring that the product passes very specific compliance requirements, BitBox continues to manufacture the PCBs that are used within each lift. Our conformity to ISO 9001 and our team’s qualifications ensure quality runs through our production process and into every printed circuit board manufactured.

Additionally, our design and manufacture experience in industrial control includes:

Lighting Management Systems – Multi-family housing developments benefit from BitBox designed and developed lighting systems. More than just been highly effecting lighting, each unit is linked via the internet to the service provider who monitors the health of every installation

Power Monitoring Systems – Data centres monitor a range of attributes to protect data. Power consumption is one attribute that provides insight in to the health of systems; BitBox has designed and manufactures power monitoring systems that alert control users of power spikes and surges and other abnormal behaviour.

If you are looking for a partner with the experience and expertise to design and manufacture the controls for your industrial, commercial and residential lifts, please call us for a no obligation chat on 01256 799080 or message us via the form below.