Electronic Product Design and Manufacture Services

Great electronic products start with a great idea. It takes something else to make them a reality - designers with imagination and expertise in electronic product design; manufacturing engineers with technical skills to deliver reliable solutions; a production line that delivers quality time and time again and a company with professionalism and a proven ability to nurture effective partnerships based on honesty, fairness and equality. 

Welcome to BitBox!

Specialist Electronics Design and Manufacture

Choosing BitBox as your design partner means you benefit from our extensive and rich electronic product design and manufacturing expertise. You can be confident that your product is placed in the hands of world class designers that have created applications for users in healthcare, agriculture, energy and other key sectors, enabling partners to benefit from Machine-to-Machine solutions and be a part of the Internet of Things. 

BitBox is the complete electronics and software design and manufacturing partner.

Electronic Product Design

BitBox IoT Design

By choosing BitBox you will benefit from product design, development and research expertise including:

An extensive range of embedded ARM® micro-controllers from very simple to high-end running Linux - including ARM7, ARM9, Cortex M0, M1, M3, M4, A8, A7

Embedded software development

Embedding Linux with full driver support for custom hardware.

You will also benefit from our professional Cadence electronic product design tools which improves the process of circuit design and PCB layout to manufacturing including:

Orcad Schematic capture CIS

Cadence Allegro PCB designer

Orcad PCB designer.

To delight your end users with a box that looks great, we use On Shape to design bespoke casings or can work with commercial Off The Shelf boxes. Our experience includes bent metal and vacuum form solutions as well as the creation of mould tools. However you need it, out team can deliver the total electronic product solution.


BitBox Contract Electronics Manufacture SMT

Our integrated approach to electronics and software design and manufacture makes the process of manufacturing your product as efficient as possible. Our designers are able to consult with our production engineers to ensure you benefit from the best approach to product development. Our Surface Mount Technology production line is complemented by IPC qualified assembly technicians, skilled in the solder of through hole and large components. We even provide Box Build and system test services.

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Proven Design to Manufacture Expertise

We asked Per Zachariassen, CEO of CuePilot, about his time working with us on the design and manufacture of his multi-platform server. He said: "Working with BitBox has been great experience. The team has been extremely professional with superb engineering qualifications, being able to guide us in the right direction.Read more here.

BitBox works hard to give accurate pricing first time. To achieve this, we listen to your product design and manufacturing requirements, start to finish. Our hope is to be with you every step of the way.

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