CT Current clamp can log mains power with precise electronics

Accurate mains input circuit monitoring can deliver lower cost, eliminates maintenance and boosts energy efficiency using BitBox embedded electronics and...

CT Current clamp can log mains power with precise electronics

Many of our custom electronics designs need to keep a close eye on one or many mains circuits, to monitor power, energy usage and even capture line waveform integrity.

The design team at BitBox has a broad range of tools for monitoring power on single phase, three phase and mulit-circuit systems. We have developed advanced electronics and programmable chip systems capable of running real-time waveform capture, all developed here at our HQ in Hampshire.

Matching an accurate CT current transformer with precision low noise analogue electronics is key to good design - safely capturing high voltages with robust mains isolation.

Our isolation is implemented skillfully to maximise safety and minimise Approvals costs and risks.

CT current transformer accurate electronics design mains supply line power energy measurement

Our design team builds all these capabilities and more into many successful BitBox manufactured circuit boards - assembled and delivered for our clients ...all in our local quality-controlled facility. For example, over 100,000-circuit mains monitoring points assmebled, supplied and supported entirely with BitBox electronics and firmware.

BitBox supports our electronics with our RMA controls and warranty procedures, so our clients systems can operate 24/7 with reliable interconnected remote power management and measurement.