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Trilemma Consulting values BitBox partnership

Valuing the Partnership BitBox values each partnership that it develops and has done since its inception in 1993. Our belief is that both us and our partners benefit from long term relationships. We get to better understand their position and what they need from solutions and the solution provider, and they get the benefit of […]

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Southern Manufacturing 2019

Farnborough International Conference Centre hosts Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2019

Following on from last year, BitBox is attending Southern Manufacturing & Electronics at the prestigious and visually appealing Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre. Exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing (#SouthManf on Twitter) is a great platform for Basingstoke’s electronics and software design and manufacture house that specialises in IIoT applications. The IIoT, or Industrial Internet of Things, has escalated […]

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CuePilot Case Study

The CuePilot Studio Server, designed and Manufactured by BitBox

Following successful use, CuePilot has provided a case study on their experience of working with BitBox. The electronics engineering company was approached to undertake the development of CuePilot’s multi-platform broadcast server. CuePilot provides a multi-platform, multi-user studio server system for use in live broadcast environments. Located in Denmark, the company has built a global reputation and […]

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BitBox Attends Smart Buildings Show

Smart Buildings rely on control systems such as this BitBox developed Lighting Management System

BitBox attends the Smart Buildings Show held at the Barbican Exhibition Centre, London to showcase its expertise in Building Management Control Systems. Smart Buildings The concept of Smart Buildings is continuing to grow in importance within the strategies of organisations. This two-day event seeks to inform attendees of what technologies are available and how they can begin […]

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Using Low Power Radio To Enable IIoT Devices

There is a growth in awareness of the IoT and IIoT (Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things, respectively). This has resulted in a growth in businesses looking to understand how they can benefit from IIoT devices. Industrial Internet of Things IIoT is the popular term given to devices that connect a user with […]

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BitBox’s Electromagnetic Compatibility Chamber

BitBox uses hi-tec equipment for Pre-Compliance testing

BitBox has added an Electromagnetic Compatibility Chamber to complement its Pre-Compliance service offering. Electromagnetic Control It used to happen frequently that one electronic product would interfere with another. One EMC Standards Report (https://www.emcstandards.co.uk/files/emi_stories_1-95.pdf) by consultancy Cherry Clough, details incidents where uncontrolled emissions resulted in unhelpful outcomes. It tells of a bathroom fan that activated a security light which, […]

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Thinking of buying electronic components ‘off the shelf?’ Think carefully

For many companies saving money when manufacturing printed circuit boards can seem like a good way to manage costs. In the long run, however, choosing the cheapest manufacturer of electronic components can become the most expensive option. Sadly, this is something that may only come to light once a product develops a fault. In one […]

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From Building Robotics to Building Efficiencies

In line with a core value to nurture young talent, BitBox was joined by two undergraduates who were tasked with building efficiencies. Connor Powell is a student of Computer Science at Warwick University. He brought impressive experience through a form of Robot Wars and in a thirst for developing code. Connor wrote an application to make […]

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Tom Walshe on Internship

BitBox is proud to provide internship experience to local students. As BitBox approaches summer and an opportunity to work with some great young talent, we look back at what one student was able to achieve during his internship at the Basingstoke-located electronics and software design and manufacturer. Tom Walshe is an electronics undergraduate at Durham […]

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Where the IIoT meets Big Data

Marketers were all about Big Data only three years ago. While the buzzword has suffered a decline in use recently, the concept has continued and, with the dawn of the phrase ‘IIoT’ or the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’, Big Data has found itself with heightened prominence again. But why? This post is a consideration of […]

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