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BitBox develops control equipment

Wind turbine control equipment

The Challenge

BitBox sells a range of products that have been designed and developed internally. A customer of one of these products approached us to design and manufacture bespoke control equipment. They needed remote sensors and interconnected control boards to detect vibration and wind characteristics. The project was made complex because the wind turbines are located in challenging environments.

The BitBox Approach

Putting the ambitions of the customer at the heart of its approach, BitBox partnered with the customer, becoming an extension of their own engineering team. Our primary responsibility was for the compliance certification of key components within the high integrity control equipment.

Working in collaboration with the customer, BitBox designed sensors using components as specified by the customer for integration within the customer’s proprietary system. The close nature of the partnership meant that development, test and deployment of the customer’s software on to the BitBox components resulted in success.

The monitoring computer uses an ARM processor with an Ethernet and GPRS modem for wireless connectivity. The monitoring computer uses mainline Debian Linux and provides a platform for the customer to run their own software.

The grid monitor uses a Cortex M3 ARM processor and provides a mechanism for monitoring and measuring 3-phase mains.


While the quality of the wind turbine control equipment can be seen in the solution created, the real result is of a true partnership that successfully brought our electronics expertise together with our customer’s application knowledge and objectives. We continue to support our customer with the manufacture of fully-tested and enclosed units for installation within environmentally challenging conditions.

If you have a need for a complex monitoring, power grid measurement systems or control equipment, please contact us.