Wind turbine control equipment

The challenge

An existing client using one of our standard products approached us for a bespoke solution. They needed a number of sensors and interconnected control boards added to detect vibration and wind characteristics for their wind turbines.

The BitBox approach

BitBox worked as an extension of the customer's own engineering team and the work package was shared and project managed effectively. BitBox was responsible for certain aspects of the compliance certification for these high integrity products.

The sensors were designed using components as specified by the customer and in this instance the customer provided the software which was integrated into the design and tested.

The monitoring computer use ARM9 with an Ethernet and GPRS modem for wireless connectivity. The monitoring computer used mainline Debian Linux and provides a platform for the customer to run their own software.

The grid monitor uses a Cortex M3 ARM and provides a mechanism for monitoring and measuring 3-phase mains.


Subsequently BitBox Limited has delivered many complex monitoring computer and power grid measurement systems and modules.

We continue to manufacture fully-tested and enclosed units for this customer for installation within environmentally challenging conditions.